My Shed Plan Review

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So you are building your first shed, and you don’t know where to start. You go online and find a whole lot of different designs that are very confusing and difficult to follow. You are about to give up but hold up! Read this review of my shed plans and continue building your shed.

Most of the shed plans sold by big publishers do not work because they have been ghostwritten by people who don’t know a thing about constructing shed.

My shed plans founded by Ryan Handerson offers professionally designed shed plans. Ryan Handerson is a professional expert woodworker. He has over 2 decades of woodworking experience, so he is the best to guide you on getting started with woodworking.

At my shed plans, you will find thousands of shed designs that are professionally built and easy to follow. You do not have to be an expert to follow those designs; even a novice can do it. Down below, we will discuss what makes my shed plans so unique and special.

Design and style

The most attractive feature of Ryan’s shed plans is that there are over 12,000 designs and styles available. With so many designs available, you’ll surely get the design that you like most and can construct a shed of any size, whether it is a small garden shed or a large shed for a backyard storeroom.

Covers all kinds of roof

With different designs and styles, you can also choose a different style of roof. The plan includes a horizontal roof, gable roof, pent, roof, pyramid roof, and many more.

Resource list

Ryan’s shed plan includes many different designs and styles. Along with the design, it also consists of the exact list of materials you need to construct the shed. The name of the materials is precisely mentioned, and also the use of that material in a different shed plan. This way, you know what to buy, and nothing gets wasted.

Step-by-step directions

Most of the shed plans include very vague instructions that are hard to follow. You won’t be able to construct the shed using those instructions until or unless you have woodwork knowledge. The instructions in Ryan’s shed plan are very clear and easy to follow. Even a novice can build a shed by following those instructions.


Ryan’s plan includes colorful pictures of the blueprint for better understanding. Along with that, he also has tips or hacks to build the shed quickly. Being a professional woodworker, his tips are accurate and will help you a lot. With those tips and hacks and step-by-step instructions, you quickly become an expert in building sheds. His plans also include a list of suppliers from where you can get the material without having to search on your own.


For just $37, you can have Ryan’s My Shed Plan for lifelong. There are no hidden payments. It’s just $37, and you can get plans for your shed.

Not only do you get plans, but you will also get lifelong free updates and an online support medium.

Final Verdict: Is My Shed Plan worth it?

It’s worth every penny. Not only do you get plans for your shed, but you also get step-by-step instructions to build it, a list of all the material and from where you can get them. If you look for the plan from other publishers, those plans are not well written, and neither the instructions.

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