ConversioBot: Best AI Chatbot for Your Websites

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In this time of online presence and internet marketing, leads and affiliation is everything. So naturally, the more subscribers and leads you have, the better the results will be. But generating leads isn’t a simple task. With bigger companies and websites having big cash and reputation backing them up, it can seem daunting for small or medium-sized websites to stay in the competition.

But that is all in the past because generating leads can be easier than you think with the help of ConversioBot. Customer interaction is the key to generating leads and sales, but online, you can’t be active 24/7, and frankly, you don’t even need to because there are AI chatbots to do that for you. And among those chatbots, one of the best is ConversioBot, without any doubts.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer-based program that can make its own decisions depending on the processing and interpreting user’s requests and choices and giving a proper answer depending on that.

So, in simple terms, a chat can be referred to as an artificially intelligent program that interacts with the visitors of a website and answers their questions regarding the website’s contents.

Why are Chatbots Important?

So now you might have the question regarding the importance of chatbots because they just interact with the viewers, right? So what good can come with that?

Well, a lot, if we are honest. Chatbot has taken over the internet by storm, and it isn’t going anywhere. Almost 85 percent of online interactions by customers are now done by chatbots. For example, a chatbot automatically enlists visitors to your newsletter and email list and turns them from visitors into leads, and therefore increases the affiliate commissions of a website.

Not only that, but chatbots are also active 24/7 and are error-free, making them the perfect receptionists on your websites. What’s more, people are more comfortable interacting with an AI bot than interacting with a person on the internet if it comes to asking a question about the website’s content. And this will sign up as a lead, affiliate, or subscriber because that’s how they have become accustomed to interacting with robots on the internet.

And what’s more, all the online giants are switching to chatbots as we speak. For example, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted that chatbots would dominate the interaction in Facebook for the upcoming ten years, and that’s at the minimum. This statement alone shows the significance of chatbots and how they will change the online game for good. And this is where ConversioBot comes into play.

What is ConversioBot?

ConversioBot is a chatbot created by two widely successful entrepreneurs Imran S and Simon Wood. It is a cloud-based software plugin or code that a user can easily put in on their website or message link.

The bot works to increase the conversions while working to create a responsive interaction with your viewers. Its main goal is to transform that said viewer to a lead so that you can continue affiliate marketing with your website.

What’s more, you don’t need any sort of prior coding experience to use this plugin as it is just like drag and drop or copy or past type of application. You can customize your ConversioBot’s interaction interface, or you can choose from ten different and unique types of templates. After that, just apply the code on your website, and you are good to go.

For user convenience, ConversioBot comes with two different offers, the lite version, and the pro version. This allows you, the users, to experience firsthand how useful this app is in general. So, you should give it a try yourself, and we can assure you that you will go for the pro version after the first try at the lite one.

Why You Need ConversioBot for Your Website

Now, there are many chatbots available online, but none are compared to ConversioBot because of what it offers in a small price range. The features of ConversioBot are unique, to begin with. But what’s more, companies spend thousands of dollars on building a chatbot where ConversioBot comes in with such a lower price.

Next, the most useful factor of ConversioBot is that you don’t need any sort of complex coding to run the program. You just copy the one-line code and paste, and you are done. Where other chatbots require you to use complex coding and take hours to set up, ConversioBot can be set up in just 60 seconds or less.

ConversioBot also gives you a commercial license regarding the chatbots or the messaging interface that you create, which means you can even sell your chatbots to others, and there won’t be any copyright claim. To add to that, you can make as many chatbots as you want after you buy ConversioBot. This is a nifty feature that can help you to handle multiple websites with just one purchase.

Along with that, ConversioBot’s user policy states that you can opt for a 30 days money return policy, meaning if ConversioBot isn’t generating the leads that it was supposed to, then you can just go ahead and get your money back without any second questions asked.

Last but not least, ConversioBot, like other chatbots, works to improve your viewers’ interaction and to make them leads so that you can generate good revenue by doing affiliated marketing. And it is compatible with websites like Facebook, Instagram to WordPress websites. So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility at all.

Final Thoughts

So, if you want to have successful affiliating marketing with your websites, then it is a must that you go with a chatbot, and whether you are on a budget or have an abundance of money lying around, ConversioBot will help you to obtain more leads than any other because it is the best in the business.

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